Saturday, January 5, 2013

And just like that

With the arrival of the telltale large, white envelope from "The Office of Admissions"...

....and this letter containing the most glorious greeting we could have asked for....
...suddenly we have a child bound for college in the Fall of 2013.
We are still 9 months out from our official launch, but I'm happy to say...I think he'll be ready.

I hope I am.


  1. We got that letter too but mine is just moving a few miles away (her choice) so I'm able to deal with it MUCH better than if she were truly leaving. Can you give us a hint about how far away Jack will be?

    1. We don't know for sure yet that this is where he will end up. Still waiting on some other potential options...But if he were to choose this school (more info to be found in the comments on Facebook, btw) he'd be about an hour from home. Not too bad! But he is still possibly interested in a couple of California schools...We are just so happy he for sure has at least ONE great option!

      Stay tuned!