Our Nest

Lori- The author of this little blog and instigator of the grand experiment to better prepare our kids to fly (the other members of the nest have yet to thank me for my brilliant plan). When I'm not busy inspiring, scolding, cajoling and begging my kids to join me in my purpose-filled days, I am a happy wife, committed Christian, substitute teacher, Children's Ministry Director, avid reader, daily dog walker, barre devotee, volunteer, digital photography addict, and a great believer in the 90/10 theory of eating (90% healthy, 10% not-so-much).

Ben (aka Superdad)- The anchor that keeps this nest afloat (hmmm... somehow that mixed metaphor didn't quite work...but you get my drift).  

Jack (20)- The firstborn. First to capture our hearts. First to scare us to death. First to go to school. First to bring home a homework assignment requiring more craft supplies and creativity than all of us combined.  First to make us proud.  First to make us worry. First to ride a bike. First to have a cell phone. First to help us learn that teenagers are not so scary, or unpleasant.  First to go to high school.  First to get his drivers license.  And, in what felt like the blink of an eye, he was the first to leave home and go to college. He is the first--it is quite a trail to blaze--God help him.

Timothy (17)- The Middle. The spark that lights up our home with energy and occasionally sets it aflame. He is Game On, Let's Go, Watch Me, Come Play, Check This Out, Just Five More Minutes, Race You, and Is That All You Got- 24/7. Given the chance, this boy will set the world on fire.  Just watch--pray--and stand back.

Annie (10)- The baby. Our sunshine. Healer of hearts. Bed hog. Lover of all things furry. Imagination extraordinaire. She really wishes there were more girls in this house and/or people as young as she is.  That's not going to happen...She's stuck with Mom and Dad--pray for her too.

Joseph and Molly- Our forever babies who remain ever-present in our hearts and in the fabric of our family. Born and returned to the arms of God on October 26, 2003. Always loved, always remembered.

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