The Doghouse

Reagan- Our 8 year old Golden Retriever.

Reagan is now known as The Old Man but he used to be known as "AAAAARGH!!!' Reagan was a challenging puppy who even gave his trainer at Doggy Bootcamp a run for his money. But Reagan decided to reward our patience in his golden years by finally maturing into an easy going, pleasant family dog- unless there is food involved. Then he is a drooling, panting, annoying beggar. But no one is perfect, right?
Update: Reagan went to doggy heaven on 12/13/2013. You can read about our goodbye in the post "Imperfectly Perfect".

Rooney- Our 3 year old Labradoodle

Rooney came into our lives in February of 2012 after years of my declarations that you should only get a puppy in the late spring or summer when you live in the Pacific NW. As usual, I was right. If only I had listened to myself. But this little pup has been such a great little guy that I can concede it was worth it to break my own rule (although I might have said otherwise while working on housetraining in the pouring rain). Rooney is smart as a whip and a people-pleaser at heart, two excellent traits in a dog. With his teddy bear coat and ever-wagging tail, this guy brings daily smiles to our faces!

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